This website tells the stories we collected of twenty-two Jews who survived the holocaust in hiding. Each story comes along with one or more animated films that illustrate the memories of the survivors.

The people in these stories hid at one or at 42 addresses. They were received with warmth or with beatings. They hid in the country-side or in towns, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Some were separated from their families, others stayed together. Some had to pay large sums of money, others nothing at all. Some were treated as equals, others as slaves. Some had to stay in their hiding places, others could move about freely. Some were betrayed, others were kept safe.


To view the films, click on the dots on the map. The dots are connected by a dotted line symbolizing the route a person covered during the war. The fact that some people stayed in one place and others had to move many times thus becomes tangible.

InfoAfter watching the animation you can click on the ‘info’ button for a short resume of the complete hiding story including personal archive, pictures and official forms. All the hide-out addresses known to the survivor are given.

In future this site will also host a page were others can also upload and publish their stories.


This site was developed by:

Marcel Prins - concept, interviews, research, text, production
Marcel van der Drift - concept, design, animation, programming (as3/php/sql/js/html/css)

This site was made possible by:

Joodse Omroep

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